Ryder Cup goodbye

Tiger Woods  ryder Cup practice

Tiger practicing

Well, we waited long enough and it was over too soon even though we stretched it out to four fantastic days (+practice days). I’m not a great golfer but I did get caught up in the excitement here in Newport. I’m not sure how many of the spectators really got to see Newport, I suspect not a lot, but I’m positive the Usk Valley will get many repeat visitors. At least we have a new train station in Newport as a souvenir of one of the world’s best sporting events. I also met some great people and walked miles and miles which can’t be bad but I was very tired after it all.
So it was nice to spend last week with a group of Opera buffs from Switzerland, on tour with us, who knew nothing of golf but one heck of a lot about Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss and were in Cardiff to enjoy the Welsh National Opera Autumn Season. We had a few little surprises for them such as a private performance by the Morriston Orpheus male voice choir singing a wide range of music from their repertoire. A solo harp performance by Glenda Clwyd in the castle in St Fagan on Saturday afternoon was a real highlight.  All crowned by a fantastic performance of “Ariadne auf Naxos ” in the Wales Millennium Centre on Saturday night. In between all these events the weather was great and they saw South Wales at its Autumnal best.

Can’t help thinking after a busy couple of weeks that Wales really is a destination that can seriously punch above its weight. World class sports and cultural events back to back – not a bad place to live and work.


Ynghylch ycymro

Owner and MD of Pili Pala cyf an inbound tour operator for Wales and www.WalesYourWay.com the online booking site for holidays in Wales
Cafodd y cofnod ei gyhoeddi yn Cardiff, Newport, Wales, Welsh National Opera. Gosod Nod Tudalen i'r ddolen barhaol.

Gadael Ymateb

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