Portmeirion on my mind

Portmeirion Village

For a few important reasons, both professional and personal, Portmeirion has loomed large in my thoughts for this past few months.  For an inbound tour operator for Wales such as ourselves Portmeirion is a very important location as so many groups and individuals want to stop their tour there for a few hours. Some will stay overnight in either one of the two hotels, Portmeirion Hotel or Castell Deudraeth, or in one of the rooms in the village itself. Personally I like the village rooms so I can throw myself back into the original series of The Prisoner. I am of course “number six” but not the only one if the number of suspicious looking characters casting a watchful eye over their shoulders for The Chief Administrator as they walk round the village is anything to go by.

If you need to get away from the Chief Administrator ( and the rest of the family!) then there are many quiet little areas throughout the gardens to soak up the atmosphere of this unique location. I could quite easily be a prisoner here – no fence needed.

As for the important personal reason that Portmeirion’s on my mind – my eldest daughter’s getting married there next month.


Ynghylch ycymro

Owner and MD of Pili Pala cyf an inbound tour operator for Wales and www.WalesYourWay.com the online booking site for holidays in Wales
Cafodd y cofnod ei gyhoeddi yn Wales. Gosod Nod Tudalen i'r ddolen barhaol.

Gadael Ymateb

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