Wales and the World Cup

I did not watch the world cup last night. Well, not all of it as I fell asleep  sometime during  the first half just after DeJong’s flying kung Fu kick. Luckily for me I carried on watching the world cup but the teams were different. It was actually Brazil playing Wales. John Charles was up front with Bellamy and Cliff Jones out on the wings. Garry Sprake was  between the posts and Giggs was running the show from midfield. Pele made an appearance for Brazil as did Garrincha and Kaka. It was a great match but I have no idea who won. Luckily I woke up just in time to see Spain’s goal against the Dutch kick boxers’ XI .

However it got me thinking of how important winning the World Cup could be to a small country such as Wales. The footballers could achieve more in an hour and a half than the politicians and tourism chiefs have done in an era and a half. While it’s inconceivable to me that anybody would not know where Wales was on a map – I’m told millions don’t. An appearance in the World Cup final would surely rectify that.  Roll on 2014 and another four years of agony and ecstasy with the Welsh football team!


Ynghylch ycymro

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