Wales defeated England but he don’t care

OK. It was in 1402. But … hey it all counts . It was actually Owain Glyndwr and his men who defeated an English force at Bryn Glas,  Pilleth near Knighton.  However Alun Ffred Jones our Heritage Minister did not think this battlefield was significant enough to save.  It was a great victory for a small force against a larger one and one of the first  longbow battles in Britain.  A Classic battle that saw 800 men die – 600 of them English.

However the minister has now announced plans to put together a register of battlefields in Wales. He’s also publishing a list of priorities for protecting sites of historic significance in Wales. Horse and stable door comes to mind with regards to Bryn Glas battlefield but at least something is being done for the remaining sites.  ” Ninety percent of international visitors staying in Wales visit cultural sites”  Mr Jones states.  If only he’d thought of that before refusing to help preserve and promote Bryn Glas. It Should be a national monument in my opinion.


Ynghylch ycymro

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